We believe that some of the biggest businesses of the next decade in India are going to emerge from start ups building innovative tech driven solutions addressing the needs of the next 400M consumers and 40M small businesses that serve them. These consumers just below the top of the pyramid are likely to drive the bulk of demand, income, and consumption growth over the next decade.

The time is now as a new generation of entrepreneurs are leveraging widespread mobile digital infrastructure (India stack) and designing products that meet the needs of "Real" India. It’s a revolution in the making with far reaching social and economic impact.

Unitary Helion

Unitary Helion is a tech-focused India venture fund. We are building a new platform with fresh thinking, focused thesis, and deep belief in partnering with entrepreneurs taking on large India centric challenges in financial services, health care, transport, and food/agri supply chains.

Our Areas of Interest

  • finance


  • Healthcare


  • Logistics


  • Agritech



We dreamt of a new firm that could put to work lessons of the past, and have a focused approach to the largest opportunities reshaping India. We bring a combination of deep investment and start-up operating experience to support outstanding founders at every step of their journey. We have seen enough successes, and understand failures as we have had plenty of our own. Our approach is to be patient and valued added investors through the ups and downs of a founders journey.


Rahul Chandra

Managing Director

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Bala Srinivasa

Managing Director

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Past investments and Boards*

  • united lex

    Global leader in legal services

  • spandana

    Largest Microfinance company in India

  • equitas

    Banking services to the newly banked

  • shubham

    Micro housing finance for the informal income sector

  • ezetap

    Payment as a software service

  • railyatri

    Healthcare financing for middle India

  • rubique

    lending marketplace for consumers & businesses

  • credit vidya

    Reimagining credit scoring for the next 400 million

  • active ai

    AI based consumer banking

  • afford plan

    Healthcare financing for middle India

  • scoopwhoop

    Digital content for the millennial generation

  • jumbotail

    Modernizing kirana store supply chains

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